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Master Lock 1 Laminated Steel Padlock 1-3/4in (44mm) wide

Model No. 1KA
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Current price $16.61
Color: Steel
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The Master Lock Model 1 padlocks have been a staple in the padlock world since the early 1900’s. The 1-3/4in (44mm) wide lock body is manufactured in laminated steel to provide extra strength and security, allowing them to best be used outdoors. The 1 is a commercial grade padlock featuring a hardened steel shackle and dual ball bearings for excellent cut and pry resistance. This padlock also features a non-rekeyable, 4-pin W1 cylinder designed to prevent picking. The Model 1 family may be keyed different, keyed alike, or master keyed and these padlocks can be assembled to match your existing keyed alike, keyed different or master keyed systems that you or your business may already have on hand. 

The Master Lock Model 1 is available in four different shackle lengths:

The standard shackle length is 15/16in (24mm) measured from the top of the body to the inside radius of the shackle material.   

The Master Lock Model 1 LF shackle is 1 – ½in (38mm) in length.

The Master Lock Model 1 LJ shackle is 2 –½in (64mm) in length.

The Master Lock Model 1 LN shackle is 5 – ¾in (15cm) in length.

The Master Lock Company is celebrating its 100th year anniversary this year, 2021, and will continue to be the dominating force in the padlock world for centuries to come!  Please call to inquire about padlocks that match your existing key systems or to start a new one within your business or home. The variety of shackle lengths and keying specifications available are how the Master Lock Company has been the “only” choice for padlocks since 1921.